Juan A. Botía @ Universidad de Murcia, Spain


Juan A. Botía is Profesor Titular in Universidad de Murcia, Spain. Currently, he enjoys a a research stay as Invited Researcher at Middlesex University, London. His research areas are Machine Learning and Agents and Multi-agent systems. He developed a general framework for meta-learning in this Ph.D. dissertation. He has focused his research to the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to real world engineering problems. He has applied a number of intelligent techniques (e.g. Neural Networks, Decision Rule Learning, Hidden Markov models, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Systems) to the following domains: agriculture, robotics, entertainment, TV broadcasting, telecommunications, home care of elderly people and intelligent buildings. Regarding agents and multi-agent systems, he is centered on the simulation of large agent societies and its application to different issues as human behavior simulation. He has authored and co-authored more than a hundred publications including international journals with high impact, conferences, books and book chapters. He has been teaching computer science related subjects for more than 15 years, mainly focused on machine learning, intelligent data analysis and agent technology.

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