Lea Díaz is a Tenured Professor, poet, artist and contributor to cultural, artistic magazines such as ViceVersa, Intersections, among others.

Leocadia Díaz Romero was born in Spain, February 8th. After her degree in Law, she studied Politics and International Relations with Diplomat Juan José Rubio de Urquía, completed a Master on Legal Matters and practiced Law -as substituting judge- for two years.

Then, she started her academic career. Today, she has taught a wide range of courses - both undergraduate and graduate within the Law, Political Science and Media Schools-, conducted research in Europe and the USA, participated in conferences and projects, joined networks.

She is most honoured to have been Visiting Professor in the most prestigious Universities and Centres within Europe and the USA -EUI (Florence), ULB (Brussels), CRIE (Siena), MAX PLANCK (Heidelberg), LOYOLA U.(US), BERKELEY U.(US), NYU, COLUMBIA U. (US), etc. She speaks four foreign languages, apart from her native Spanish.

Lea Díaz is an expert on EU Constitutional Law, Global Governance, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Communication. Currently, Prof. Díaz is devoted to the research of contemporary forms of democracy and the revitalisation of social actors in digital societies. She is also following electoral processes, the impact of fake news and, in general, current challenges for democratic societies with a special focus on digital impacts and AI. Among her fields of interest are the European Union (Political Integration, EU Democracy, EU Elections),International Relations,Campaigns and Elections, Comparative Politics, Labor & Social Policies, Intercultural Communication, Media and Democracy, Open Government, Transparency, Access to Information.

Lea is fond of the Arts, Music, Literature. She is also involved in volunteering work related to art, kids and pets.

During her free time, Lea plays the piano, paints and writes poetry and fiction. She adores spending time with her family, friends and her cats, Sabrina and Lily White.

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