Knowledge Technologies for Organizational Strategical Planning

FUNDING ENTITY: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

BUDGET: 60760 Euros

LENGTH: 2003-2005


Universidad de Murcia


Rodrigo Martínez Béjar


Francisca Dolores Ibáñez Cruz
Rafael Valencia García
Fernando Martín Rubio
Pilar Ortiz García
Juan José García Martínez
Antonio Paños Álvarez
Ramón Sabater Sánchez
Laura María Campoy Gómez
Enrique Paniagua Arís
María Dolores Frutos Balibrea
Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis


Through this project a model that integrates reusable, shareable knowledge components with methods of knowledge management will be designed and implemented form performing strategic planning in organizations. In particular, the objectives of this project are the following.
First, a framework will be designed that allows to implement user-adapted oriented systems for organisational strategic planning. Second, a framework will be developed formally, explicitly represent (systems of) plans. Third, a system that executes planning processes and is based upon the model described above will be implemented. Fourth, a decision-support system that operates on plans will be developed. Finally, all the systems will be validated in both an academic and a real domain.


Design of a framework for developing organizational strategical planning systems, oriented and adapted to end-users needs

Development of the previously defined framework in such a way that each plan or system of plans is represented by means of ontologies

Development of a planner

Development of a decision support system based on intelligent techniques to support organizational strategial planning

Validation of the systems and tools implemented through the global project

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