Platform based on Semantic Web and E-Learning standards to improve selfassessment and autonomous learning in educative settings

FUNDING ENTITY: Fundación Séneca

BUDGET: 21600 euros

DURATION: 2007-2008


Universidad de Murcia


Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis


Enrique Paniagua Arís
Carlos Alberto Cruz Corona
Dagoberto Castellanos Nieves
María Paz Prendes Espinosa
Francisco Martínez Sánchez
Pedro José Vivancos Vicente
María del Mar Sánchez Vera


This project continues the work started in OeLE project . In this project, a semantic management of all the course materials, assessment tests, and students' answers is targeted to converte OelE into a platform that promoted self-assessment and autonomous learning.


Inclusion of new semantic aspects in the evaluation function of the OeLE system

Integration of IMS-SCORM learning objects in OeLE.

Extension of OeLE to recommend appropriate learning objects to students and teacher given particular educative contexts

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