Platform for information and knowledge acquisiton and sharing for networked clinical research communities II

FUNDING ENTITY: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

BUDGET: 85000 Euros

LENGTH: 2007-2010


Universidad de Murcia

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis


Marcos Menárguez Tortosa
Rafael Valencia García
Pedro José Vivancos Vicente
Jesús Sánchez Cuadrado
Francisco Javier Bermúdez Ruiz
Juan Vicente Rodado Martínez


The ResearchEHR Project focuses on the usability of Electronic Health Record (EHR) sources and EHR standards for health research studies. The aim is to support healthcare professional, institutions and authorities by providing a set of generic methods and tools for the capture, standardization, integration, description and dissemination of health related information. These tools will support faster and cheaper information gathering and, more important, more effective use of information in decision making, organization of clinical trials, and identification of eligible cases or illness registries. ResearchEHR aims, thus, to develop and validate an application that allows semantic information sharing and flexible querying of information drawn from systems which directly support patient care for research purposes. Semantic interoperability will be based on the use of EHR architecture standards and medical terminologies and ontologies and standard to standard semantic transformations. ResearchEHR is organized in 2 R&D streams:

  • Creation of repositories of standardized clinical information serving clinical research with information drawn from distributed and heterogeneous EHR systems which involves data marts, automatic creation of repositories schemas from domain concepts defined as archetypes, data anonymization and linking information to ontologies and terminologies.
  • Supporting communities of practice which involves semantic-based discovery of information, ontology-driven natural language processing (NLP) for query answering, semantic transformations, interactions between researchers and information representation.


Automatic extraction and persistence of relevant information for medical research represented by standard EHR architectures.

Model interoperability

Flexible query system based on natural language processing techniques

Development of an “easy to use” tool/platform for quick implantation in research projects involving several investigation partners which need a common repository of data.

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