Jose M. Garcia received an MS degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD degree in Computer Engineering both from the Technical University of Valencia. He is a professor of Computer Architecture at the Department of Computer Engineering at the University of Murcia (Spain), and also the Head of the Research Group on Parallel Computer Architecture.

Prof. García served as Vice-Dean of the School of Computer Science from 1995 until 1997. He also served as Director of the Computer Engineering Department from 1998 till 2004 at the same university, and recently, he has served as the Dean of the School of Computer Science for seven years.

He has developed several courses on Computer Structure, Computer Architecture, Parallel Computer Architecture, Peripheral Devices, and Multicomputer Design. He specializes in Computer Architecture, Parallel Processing and Interconnection Networks. His current research interests lie in the design of power-efficient heterogeneous systems, and the development of data-intensive applications for those systems (especially bioinspired evolutionary algorithms, and bioinformatics apps for new drug discovery). He has published more than 140 refereed papers in different journals and conferences in these fields.

Prof. García is a member of HiPEAC, the European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation. He is also a member of several international associations such as the IEEE and ACM.

Finally, Prof. García has been very active in topics related to the youth education, and he has published several papers on educational issues. He was a member of the Staff of the CM La Alameda (a student residence of the University of Valencia), and of the Nerpio Young Association, and also of the Azarbe Familiar Association. Currently, he is member of the Board of Directors of the Club Universitario Pinatar, a student association of the University of Murcia which promotes the cultural, personal and professional formation of the students.

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