ajimborean.jpg I am a Ramon y Cajal researcher at the University of Murcia since May 2020 and affiliated Associate Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden.

I received my PhD from the University of Strasbourg, France in 2012 researching on automatic parallelization of loops enabled by the compiler. I continued with a post-doc in Sweden, Uppsala, where I became Assistant Professor in 2015 and got tenured as Associate Professor in 2018.

In 2019, I was awarded the Ramón y Cajal grant and started as researcher at University of Murcia, Spain in May 2020. My main research interests are compile-time code analysis and optimization and software-hardware co-designs for performance, energy-efficiency, and security. In particular, my research focuses on compiler techniques to analyze memory access patterns which we then leverage for optimizing software for the emerging architectures.

I am actively involved in conference organization – most notably the International Conference on Code Generation and Optimization in 2019 and the International Conference on Compiler Construction in 2020 – and acted as reviewer for over 30 journals, conferences, and workshops in compilers and computer architecture.

I am a member of the HiPEAC network of excellence and the ACM network.

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