Present position and other relevant recent data:

Full Professor (Econometrics), Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Murcia, Spain.

4 consecutive and active “sexenios” (”sexenio”= official recognition of research of quality over a six-year period)

Founder and ex-coordinator of the Interuniversity Doctorate in Economics DEcIDE (


MA in Economics and Econometrics, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 1975 Ph.D Cand. in Econometrics and International Economics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA Ph.D in Econometrics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

Fields of interest Econometrics, nonlinear econometrics Time series and panel data econometrics applied to international economics Time series, panel data econometrics and microeconometrics applied to public health problems and to public economics Non stationarity and non linearity in applied econometrics

Recent Papers:

Around 50 research publications. The most relevant recent ones in scientific journals are:

“A non-linear time-series analysis approach to identify thresholds in associations between population antibiotic use and rates of resistance”, 2019, Nature (Microbiology), forthcoming (first four authors: J.M.Lopez-Lozano, T.Lawes, C. Nebot and myself)

“Do the institutions of the euro area converge?”, Economic Systems, 2019, forthcoming (with J. Garcia-Solanes and L. Lopez-Gomez).

“New insights into the nonlinearity of Okun’s law”, Economic Modeling, 2019, (with C.Nebot and J. García-Solanes).

“New insights into the nonlinearity of the ECB Taylor rule”, Applied Economics Letters, 2018,, (with C. Nebot and J. Garcia-Solanes) “Output gap and nonlinear economic convergence”, Journal of Policy Modeling, January–February 2014, Vol.36(1):121-135 (with J. García-Solanes).

“Electoral cycles and local government debut management”, Local Government Studies 03/2013; 39(1):107-1322 (with Francisco Bastida and Bernardino Benito).

“Modelling the impact of antibiotic use on antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli using population-based data from a large hospital and its surrounding community”, Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 01/2011; 66(4):928-35 (with N. Vernaz; S.Harbarth et al.)

“Markov-switching models, rational expectations and the term structure of interest rates”, Applied Economics, 2009, 473, vol.41, nº3, 399-412

“TAR panel unit root tests and real convergence: an application to the EU enlargment process” Review of Development Economics 12(3), August 2008, pp.668-681 (with Máximo Camacho)

“Temporal relationships between prevalence of meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in one hopsital and prevalence of MRSA in the surrounding community: a time-series analysis”, Journal of Hospital Infection, 67(3(), Nov. 2007, pp. 225-231. (with F.M. Mackenzie, J.M.Lopez-Lozano, D.Monnet et al.)

“Uncovered interest parity and switching regimes”, Economic Modelling, 24(2), March 2007, pp.189-202 (with J.J. Pérez-Castejón & J.García-Solanes).

“Association between antibiotic sales and public campaigns for their appropriate use”, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 292, pp. 2468-2470, Nov. 2004 (with I.Beauraind, J.M. Lopez-Lozano et al.)

“Antimicrobial drug use and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Aberdeen 1996-2000”, Emerging Infectious Diseases, 10(8), pp. 1432-1441, august 2004 (with D.Monnet, F.Mackenzie et al.)

Doctoral thesis supervision

“Raíces unitarias y cambio estructural en series temporales: un estudio de Monte-Carlo”, María del Mar Sánchez de la Vega, Universidad de Murcia, 1993.

“Estructura temporal de los tipos de interés en el mercado interbancario: 1986-1992”, María Asunción Prats Albentosa, Universidad de Murcia, 1994

“Contrastes de raíz unitaria, cambio estructural y no linealidad. Aplicaciones a la convergencia europea”, María Isabel González Martínez, Universidad de Murcia, 2006.

“Threshold detection and analysis: MARS methodology in Macroeconomics and Public Health”, César Nebot Monferrer, DEcIDE Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Economics, Universidad de Murcia, 2018.

In progress: “Ensayos en convergenica institucional y económica en la Unión Europea”, Laura López Gómez, EcIDE Interuniversity Doctoral Programme in Economics, Universidad de Murcia.

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