Short Bio

Always eager to learn, improve, become a better person and meet new goals, I am a researcher in the field of cybersecurity aiming at finding innovative solutions to protect ICT systems and their users against cyberthreats and cyberattacks. After receiving my M.Sc. and PhD in Computer Science (in 2007 and 2010, respectively), both from the University of Murcia, I joined NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg as a Research Scientist. In 2012 I was promoted to Senior Researcher in the same institution. Since March 2017 I am working as a «Ramón y Cajal» Researcher at the University of Murcia, where my focus is specifically on prevention, detection, reaction and forensics mechanisms to safeguard the Internet of Things.

Besides research, I am also passionate about teaching and particularly about mentoring enthusiastic and motivated students willing to pursue their PhD. If this is your case, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Present2017

    “Ramón y Cajal” Researcher

    University of Murcia

  • 20172012

    Senior Researcher

    NEC Laboratories Europe

  • 20122010

    Research Scientist

    NEC Laboratories Europe

  • 20072006

    Software Developer

    CYUM, University of Murcia


  • PhD 2010

    PhD in Computer Science

    University of Murcia

  • MSc 2007

    Master in Advanced Information and Telematic Technologies

    University of Murcia

  • MSc 2006

    Computer Science Engineering

    University of Murcia

“In summary, all great work is the fruit of patience and perseverance, combined with tenacious concentration on a subject over a period of months or years.”

— Santiago Ramón y Cajal


  • July 2017
    Leonardo Grant

    Awarded with a Leonardo Grant by the BBVA Foundation from September 2017 to March 2019

    • March 2017
      Ramón y Cajal Research Grant

      Awarded with a «Ramón y Cajal» Research Grant by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (RYC-2015-18210) from March 2017 to February 2022

    • January 2011
      Best PhD Thesis Award

      Best PhD Thesis Award granted by the University of Murcia

      Trust and Reputation Management in Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems

      PhD Thesis
      Félix Gómez Mármol
      PhD Thesis, European Doctorate in Computer Science, University of Murcia, advisor Gregorio Martínez Pérez
      Publication year: 2010

    • September 2009
      Internship Scholarship

      Awarded with a scholarship by the Seneca Foundation (regional agency for R&D) to conduct an internship at NEC Laboratories Europe (Germany) from 14/09/2009 to 13/03/2010

    • September 2008
      Internship Scholarship

      Awarded with a scholarship by the Seneca Foundation (regional agency for R&D) to conduct an internship at NEC Laboratories Europe (Germany) from 01/09/2008 to 28/02/2009

    • November 2007
      PhD Scholarship

      Awarded with a PhD scholarship by the Seneca Foundation (regional agency for R&D) from November 2007 to November 2010

    • September 2006
      Graduated with Honors

      Graduated with Honors by the University of Murcia and awarded with the «Honourable Mention to the Academic Excellence»

    • October 2005
      Seneca Scholarship

      Awarded with a Seneca scholarship to study at the University of Granada in the academic year 2005-2006 (SICUE programme)


    Sometimes, when I have a bit of spare time, I like to kill it with my Canon EOS 600D…