Currently (2022), Linda is the IP at the project:

  • ARS-SELFIE “Digital Competences in Spanish Education: Strategic Regional Approaches”. A Contract with the JRC of the EU with the UM. JRC/SVQ/2022NLVP/1897

Moreover, she coordinates the UM's team in the International Projects:

  • CUTE: “Competencies for Universities - using Technology in Education” ERASMUS+: Strategic Partnership (KA203-867FE04B)
  • DALI “Data Literacy for citizenship” []]
  • * CUTIE “Competencies for University Teaching & Institutional Empowerment”. ERASMUS+: Strategic Partnership (KA220- HED-B33DF94A) - starting on the 31st of December, 2022.

Also, she is researching in some national funded projects as:

  • Estrategias metodologicas para la personalizacion de itinerarios de aprendizaje en entornos enriquecidos por tecnologia. Coordinated by Jesús Salinas & Bárbara De Benito (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Additionally Dr. Castañeda is participating in projects and initiatives regarding her research portfolio:

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