Collaborative, Seamless and Adaptive Sentinels for the Internet of Things


The COSMOS project, funded by a Leonardo Grant awarded by the BBVA Foundation, intends to develop novel and innovative solutions aimed at providing sophisticated protection mechanisms within the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this regard, its overall and main goal lies in the development of the so-called collaborative, seamless and adaptive sentinels. Such sentinels would seamlessly sense their environment, automatically identifying all those devices in the nearby to be potentially protected. Once the appropriate devices have been selected, the sentinels would adapt themselves in order to become experts in the protection of such specific devices against cyber-attacks. Last but not least, in case a new device to be protected comes into play and the assigned sentinel does not know how to protect it, the sentinel would ask for such protection knowledge to other collaborative sentinels in the community.

Furthermore, the IoT sentinels would not only focus on detecting intrusions, but rather cover the four phases of the cyberdefense, namley: prevention, detection, reaction and forensics.

Materialized in two different forms (dedicated and virtual), the sentinels in the context of COSMOS would operate in a Smart Home scenario, where a number of heterogeneous devices can be found (PCs, laptops, smartphones, electrical appliances, wearables, etc.).


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