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Curriculum Vitae Normalizado, Pedro Jiménez Guerrero.
Curriculum Vitae Abreviado, Pedro Jiménez Guerrero.

Dr. Pedro Jiménez-Guerrero works in the field of atmospheric and climate modeling, where his main contributions are related to the analysis of dynamics and levels of air pollution and atmospheric composition. Recently, his interests focus on the study of the feedbacks of future climatic changes on the magnitude and extension of the levels of atmospheric pollutants (especially at regional scales), since this is a brand new and challenging topic of research. In this sense, Dr. Pedro Jiménez-Guerrero has made important contributions on this field, as stated by his scientific production (co-author of over 90 publications with SCI in international scientific journals included in the JCR, h-index=25, more than 200 communications in international conferences and over 30 books/chapters in books, etc.). His work has been recognized with the prestigious Ramón y Cajal Research Contract awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology for his research in the field of atmospheric pollution and the integration of a full atmosphere-ocean-chemistry modeling system for its application in the Mediterranean area. He has been recently granted the Research Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering (Spain) and the Outstanding Presentation Award at the WCRP Open Science Conference (Denver, USA).

A short résumé of his trajectory is presented here. Born in Murcia (Spain, 1978). Chemical Engineer (University of Murcia, 2001), Diploma of Advanced Studies (Technical University of Catalonia, 2003) and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (Technical University of Catalonia, 2005; European Doctor, Doctoral Prize to the Best Thesis in Environmental Science and Sustainability). His main research activities and interests cover the present and future high-resolution climate, the interactions between climate change and air pollution and air quality forecasting. Researcher at the University of Porto (Portugal), University of California UCI (Irvine, USA), Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (Mainz, Germany) and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA (New York, USA). Later he joined the Earth Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación as Principal Investigator in Air Quality and Climate Change until the year 2009, when he moved to the University of California UCLA (Los Angeles, USA). Recently he took a position at the University of Murcia as a professor and researcher on regional climate processes. He has participated and managed a number of research projects, both in national and international calls.

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