Tamara Garcia-Vidal is Associate Professor in the Department of English Philology at the University of Murcia, Spain, where she works since 2015 teaching modules in English language, and the History of English (mostly Old English). She took her B.A. degree in English Studies in 2013 at the same institution, as well as a M.A in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics in 2015. In 2020 she obtained her PhD in historical sociolinguistics with the thesis entitled A Historical Sociolinguistic Approach to the Development of Adjective Comparison in English: Synthetic and Analytic Patterns from 1418 to 1800. Her research interests include Historical Sociolinguistics, Corpus Linguistics and the History of the English Language. She has participated actively in the following research projects: Modelos Sociolingüísticos de Variación Estilística en Corpus Históricos de Correspondencia en Lengua Inglesa (MINECO: FFI2014-56084-P), led by Juan M. Hernández-Campoy, and Perspectivas Sociolingüísticas y Aspectos de la Investigación en Historia de la Lengua Inglesa III: Comunidades de Práctica y Estilos en Documentos Epistolares de los Siglos XV-XVIII (Fundación Séneca: 19331-PHCS-14), led by J. Camilo Conde-Silvestre.

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