Our research group is situated at the University of Murcia, south of Spain. The research fields of our group are various:

  • biology, systematic, ecology and conservation of marine organisms
  • dispersion, mobility and connectivity of marine organisms
  • modelling as a tool for understanding the functionning of the marine ecosystems
  • spatio-temporal evaluation of various fisheries: artisanal, recreational and of subsistence, by assessing their typology, catches, fishing effort…
  • design, monitoring and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) networks
  • MPAs effects on marine biodiversity and fisheries
  • ecological and functional responses of coastal ecosystems in the contect of the global change
  • functional integrity, marine governance and conservation of the marine ecosystems services

You will find more information on the Marine Ecology and Conservation research group in the next tabs. We describe every members’ research interests, the on-going and former projects of the group, the publications (peer-reviewed papers, reports and book chapters) and some pictural information on the fieldwork expertise!