Reasearch goup: Molecular Systematics, Phylogeography and Conservation of Bryophytes

Plant Biology Department

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University of Murcia

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CV Summary

I started my scientific career in 1982 in the field of Botany studying the bryophyte flora and vegetation of SE Spain. Later I dedicated myself to the taxonomy of mosses from arid zones, initially with techniques based on morphology, and since the year 2001 with molecular tools. On the basis of the experience gained with the latter, I have studied various aspects of bryophyte biology. I count in my CV with 124 publications in journals included in the JCR, plus 41 in journals without impact index, 6 books and 17 book chapters. My main lines of research include the effects of climate change on bryophytes through the study of altitudinal transects in Mediterranean mountainous areas using cosmopolitan distributed species as well as the molecular adaptation of these species to the environmental conditions in which they develop; the bryophyte flora and vegetation in Mediterranean areas; the systematics and molecular phylogeny in bryophytes, the phylogeography of mosses, especially the origin and the diversification of species; and the ex-situ conservation of bryophytes by carrying out in vitro cultures and cryopreservation. I have been Principal investigator (PI) in 22 research projects obtained in competitive calls (7 since 2009) and in 3 non-competitive ones. I have participated as a member of the research team in 24 other projects. I have supervised 8 Doctoral Theses. I have presented 125 communications to congresses and I have participated in a relevant way (conference by invitation, presidency of session or member of the scientific committee) in other 16. I have been officially recognized and awarded at national level by having five research six-year terms. I was associate editor Cryptogamie, Bryologie journal from 2014 to 2018. I am PI of a research group at the University of Murcia since 2010.

WoS Researcher ID: J-9780-2014

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