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Last updated: January 2017

Open source software projects (50)

I have been involved as collaborator or supervisor in these open-source software projects (in alphabetical order):
  • AOBF (Aspect Oriented Behavior Framework) []

  • Android-HCI-Extractor (A Multimodal Human-Computer-Interaction extractor for Android) []

  • CARIM (A Context-aware Meta-model for User-system Interaction and QoE analysis) []

  • CIM-RBAC (Semantic-aware RBAC Authorization System) []

  • CORBASIM (C++ framework for automatic generation of testing tools for CORBA-based applications) []

  • Ecore2Racket (Transforming Ecore classes -from an Ecore metamodel- to Racket classes) []

  • EMF4CPP (A C++ implementation and type mapping for the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) core, the Ecore metamodel) []

  • GQL8 (Generic Quest Library for Android) []

  • h-MAS (health-related Multicontext-Aware System) []

  • IDL4EMF (Ecore metamodel and Xtext grammar for using IDL files in Eclipse Modeling Framework) []

  • JASB (Java Architecture for Semantic Binding) []

  • JCOPS (Java COPS implementation) []

  • JNOMO (Jena Non Monotonic Extension) []

  • OHTu (Open Usability Evaluation Framework) []

  • OHT+ (OpenHMI-Tester Plus) []

  • OHT+Behavior (OpenHMI-Tester Plus as a User Interaction Abstraction Tool) []

  • OHT+Experience (OpenHMI-Tester Plus as a User eXperience Analyzer)[]

  • OHT+Inspector (OpenHMI-Tester Plus as a Usability Inspector) []

  • MACOW (Mandatory Access Control on Open Worlds) []

  • MASTERY (Multicontext-Aware System That prEserves the useRs' privacY) []

  • Mistral-IdM (Advanced Identity Management system) []

  • MultiGraph (Multiple Attack Graph Model Simulator) []

  • NoSQLDataEngineering (NoSQL Data Engineering) []

  • NSFM (Network Slicing Formal Model) []

  • Open WS-Eventing (Publication / Subscription method based on the WS-Eventing standar of the W3C) []

  • OpenHMI-Tester (GUI testing tool following an open architecture) []

  • OpenIKEv2 (Open source IKEv2 implementation in C++) []

  • OpenXKMS (W3C Recommendation of the XML Key Management Specification 2.0 (XKMS 2.0)) []

  • PALADIN meta-model []

  • PALADIN instantiation framework []

  • PRECISE (Privacy-aware REcommender based on Context Information for cloud Service Environments) []

  • RACoop (Rapid Ansible Clustering with Hadoop) []

  • RECLAMO (Virtual and Collaborative Honeynets based on Trust Management and Autonomous Systems applied to Intrusion Management) []

  • RECOMMENDER (A Recommender System based on Users' Behavior and Collaborative Localization and Tracking) []

  • S-DAVER (Script-based DAta VErification) []

  • SAProto (Script-based Aspect-oriented GUI Prototyping Framework) []

  • SeCoMan (A Semantic-Aware Policy Framework for Developing Privacy-Preserving and Context-Aware Smart Applications) []

  • SELFNET Self-Protection Botnet Components (SELFNET C&C Server and HoneyNet) []

  • SEMIRAMIS (Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders) []

  • SIBAP (ScrIpt-Based Aspect-oriented Prototyping framework) []

  • SOFIC (Security Ontology For Inter-Cloud) []

  • TACS (Trust Ant Colony System) []

  • TELL-OP (Transforming European Learner Language into Learning Opportunities) []

  • TRMSim-WSN (Trust and Reputation Models Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks) []

  • TUG (GUI Unit Testing for Qt apps) []

  • UMU-XACML-Editor (Graphic policy definition editor based on the XACML standard to manage access control policies) []

  • Vagrant-Node (A Vagrant plugin to set a computer as a node in a client/server infrastructure) []

  • Vagrant-NodeMaster (A Vagrant plugin to set a computer as a node master in a client/server infrastructure) []

  • VagrantWeb (Web app to manage virtualized environments with Vagrant) []

  • VVL (Aspect-Oriented GUI Verification) []

Other developments

Worth mentioning these other software implementations (not available as open-source yet) where I have been collaborating:
  • UMU-PKIv6 (The University of Murcia Public Key Infrastructure with IPv6 support) []

  • IDL2REST (A tool for generating Stubs and Skels by means of modern DSM techniques) []

  • IDL2TEST (A testing tool for remote interfaces using modern DSM techniques) []