Departamento de Ingenieria de la Informacion y las Comunicaciones (DIIC)

 University of Murcia (UMU)

 Gregorio Martinez Perez


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Last updated: July 2016

Academic year 2016/2017

Undergraduate teaching
  • 1572: Introduction to Scientific Software and Programming - first year (Degree in Mathematics)

  • 1577: Object Oriented Programming - first year (Degree in Mathematics)

  • 3882: Security - fourth year (Degree in Computer Science) and fifth year (Double Degree in Computer Science and in Mathematics)

Postgraduate teaching (MSc and PhD courses)
  • 4351: Computer Science I - first semester (Master "Training Secondary School, Vocational Training and Language Teachers" programme)

  • 4906: Trust and Security in Distributed Systems - second semester (Master and Ph.D. "New Technologies in Computer Science" programme - Networks and Telematics specialism)