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 Gregorio Martinez Perez


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Last updated: February 2017

Research group

I am member of the Inteligent Systems and Telematic Research Group, which has been awarded as Research Group of Excellence (with code 04552/GERM/06) by the Seneca Foundation (period 2008-2014). The CV of the whole research group for the last five years is available at []

Research interests

I am interested in the computational and networking aspects of these four wide topics:
  • Cybersecurity including, among others, attack modelling and management and security in cyberphysical scenarios.

  • Distributed management of networks and services including, among others, policy-based networking and semantic-aware management.

  • 5G networking including, among others, security considerations, management models, network slicing and communication architectures.

  • Advanced computational models and paradigms including, among others, network machine learning, swarm computation, cloud computing and autonomic computing.

PhD Thesis as supervisor (10)
  • Felix J. Garcia Clemente, "Modelling and Definition of a Semantically-Enriched Policy Language for the Management of Security Services", November 2006 []

  • Felix Gomez Marmol, "Trust and Reputation Management in Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems", June 2010 []

  • Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, "Advanced Management Approach for Semantic-Aware Security Services", September 2010 []

  • Pedro L. Mateo Navarro, "Enhancing Quality of Software and Quality of Experience through User Interfaces", July 2014 [] [] [DOI]

  • PhD thesis fully funded by the Catedra SAES on Open-Source Software and Critical and Real-Time Applications (Catedra SAES) initiative []

  • Gines Dolera Tormo, "Enhancing User-Centric Identity Management Systems with Reputation Models in Distributed Environments", October 2014 []

  • Daniel Orlando Diaz Lopez, "Managing Access Control Systems in Distributed Environments with Dynamic Asset Protection", November 2015 []

  • Jorge Bernal Bernabe, "Authorization and Trust Management in Distributed Systems based on the Semantic Web", December 2015 []

  • Manuel Gil Perez, "Trust Management in Collaborative Networks focused on Securely Sharing Alerts for Detecting Distributed Attacks", December 2015 []

  • Juan M. Marin Perez, "Advanced Authorization Model for Service and Resource Protection in Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing", January 2016 []

  • Alberto Huertas Celdran, "A Proposal for User's Privacy Management in Context-Aware Systems", February 2017 []

Visiting researcher and professor

Besides the University of Murcia (UMU), I have been working as visiting researcher and professor in these two Departaments:
  • May 2000-April 2001: Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL-CS), London, UK []

  • Supervisor: Professor Peter T. Kirstein []

  • July 2001-October 2001: Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL-CS), London, UK []

  • Supervisor: Professor Peter T. Kirstein []

  • March 2005-September 2005: Département Informatique et Réseaux, École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST-INFRES), Paris, France []

  • Supervisor: Professor Michel Riguidel []