• Mattia Zago

    PhD Student in Cyber Security

Who I am

Mattia Zago

I am a PhD student in the cyber security field.

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P. Nespoli, M. Zago, A. Huertas Celdrán, M. Gil Pérez, F. Gómez Mármol, and F. J. García Clemente, "A Dynamic Continuous Authentication Framework in IoT-Enabled Environments," in 2018 Fifth International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security, 2018, pp. 131–138.

M. Zago, V. M. Ruiz Sánchez, M. Gil Pérez, and G. Martínez Pérez, " Tackling Cyber Threats with Automatic Decisions and Reactions Based on Machine-Learning Techniques,"" Presented at EuCNC'17, 2nd Conference on Network Management, Quality of Service and Security for 5G Networks, held at European Conference on Networks and Communications, At Oulu (Finland), 2017, no. September.

Manuel Gil Pérez, Alberto Huertas Celdrán, Fabrizio Ippoliti, Mattia Zago, Víctor Manuel Ruiz Sánchez, Alberto Hernández Chillón, Félix J. García Clemente, Lorenzo Fernández Maimó, Diego Sevilla Ruiz, and Gregorio Martínez Pérez, " Despliegue automático de aplicaciones NFV y SDN para detectar y mitigar ciberamenazas en redes 5G, " in JNIC'17: Proceedings of the III Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad, pp. 59-66, Madrid (Spain), 31 May-2 June 2017.

Active Research Project
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•  Framework for self-organized network management in virtualized and software defined networks (SELFNET)

•  Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018 (Bot Busters)

•  Collaborative, Seamless and Adaptive Sentinels for the Internet of Things (COSMOS)

  • “ If brute force doesn't solve your problems,
    then you aren't using enough. ”

  • Hardware:
    The parts of a computer system that can be kicked. ”

  • “ We are tools that convert caffeine into solutions. ”

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