Forthcoming publications

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Remigi, E.(2023). Where´s home? EU citizens as migrants. In Charlotte Taylor, Simon Goodman and Stuart Dunmore (eds.) Discursive construction of migrant identities.Bloomsbury Advances in Critical Discourse Studies. Bloomsbury.

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Abad, M. (2022). In Henry Tyine & Stefania Spina (eds.). Applying corpora in teaching and learning Romance languages. John Benjamins.

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Curry, N. (2022) Análisis de Corpus y EFE. Barbara A. Lafford, Lourdes Sánchez-López, Anita Ferreira Cabrera, and Elisabet Arnó Maciá (eds.). In The Routledge Handbook of Spanish for Specific Purposes. Routledge.

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Chambers, A. (2022). Corpora and the learning and teaching of romance languages. In Henry Tyne & Stefania Spina (eds.). Applying corpora in teaching and learning Romance languages. John Benjamins.

Boulton, Alex. & Pérez-Paredes, P. (2023) Data-driven language learning. In Regine Hampel & Ursula Stickler (eds), Bloomsbury Handbook of Language Learning and Technology. Bloomsbury.

Tschichold, Cornelia, Boulton, Alex & Pérez-Paredes, P. (forthcoming) Interpreting the review process in applied linguistics research. In Sin-Wang Chong (ed.) Developing feedback literacy for academic journal peer review: Narratives from researchers in education and applied linguistics. Routledge.

Pérez-Paredes, P. (2023). Frequency and keyness: what are they and how can they be used to explore representation? In Charlotte Taylor, & Frazer Heritage (eds.). An Introduction to Corpus and Discourse Studies: Analyzing Representation. Routledge.

Pérez-Paredes, P. & Curry, N. (2023). Corpus Linguistics and LSP. In Ruth Breeze, Jan Engberg, and Thorsten Roelcke (Eds.) Handbook of Specialized Communication. De Gruyter.

Pérez-Paredes, P. (2024). Data-driven learning in informal contexts? In Crosthwaite, P. (Ed.) Corpora for Language Learning: Bridging the Research-Practice Divide. Routledge.

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