MMMPA aims to train the next generation of MPA scientists and managers, equipping them with a flexible set of skills essential within a wide range of professional environments, including public administration, local authorities, industry and academia.

Stemming from this, the second training event will mostly focus on the understanding of the social, economic and institutional perspectives in the management of MPAs. The course will provide participants with advanced skills and hands-on training in the design. The course will comprise both lectures and practical/workshop sessions, giving participants the opportunity to apply the principles learned to their research works.

The main subject for this training event is the governance of social-ecological systems (SESs) applied to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The conditions and benefits of community based management of SESs will be approached. In the literature it has been highlighted that the success of MPAs is not only a technical challenge but it also implies a socio-political enterprise, since social factors are the primary determinants of the success of MPAs, making stakeholder involvement an essential ingredient.

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