* PREINSCRIPTION period is open: from 16/07/2013 to 06/09/2013


* REGISTRATION: from 07/09/2013 to 20/09/2013

* The fees for the course will be of 600€, including ONLY inscription and materials. Fees do NOT included accommodation, meals, travels or other expenses (e.g. diving in the marine reserve), that should be entirely covered by the participants.

* To get more information, please contact HERNANDEZ RUIZ, JOSE GABRIEL +34 868 884326 gabihernandez@um.es

* Four scholarships will be allocated to students out of the MMMPA project. Each of these scholarships will cover half the cost of tuition fees. Requisites and criteria to get one of these scholarships will be communicated soon.

* The course will be only conducted in English. The activities taking place on Tuestay 1 October afternoon and Wednesday 2 October only imply to the project's members.

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