Fiction City. 2012

In cities, we are plunged into a stressful rhythm in which our daily routines are made of facts, feelings and behaviors that are repeated day after day, including our days of weekends that are supposed to be our rest break and leisure time. We are not just losing our “time pause”, but our “space pause” since our home has become a place to accomplish the work unfinished during our work schedule. However, pause and rhythm cannot be separated, consequently, even if it seems paradoxical, by following the frenetic rhythm imposed and by losing our “time and space pauses”, we are finally losing the rhythm and falling into the chaos. According to this contradiction about chaos and order, Paul Ardanne defines cities as “Driving element of the modernist imaginary, mental palimpsest that brings together order and chaos, organization and entropy. ” Undoubtedly, by the repetition of an “infra” sign we disarrange its meaning. The repetition of the same duties, thoughts and feelings every day, can trigger severe disturbances in the individual consciousness that often wonders the meaning of life.

      First Price in the Fine Arts Competition Creajoven organized by the Murcia City Council (2011)

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