Elena López Martín is a fine arts graduate (with honors) from the University of Murcia (Spain) who won the Extraordinary End of Studies prize at her University and who obtain the third place at the National Extraordinary End of Studies prize in the category “Arts and Humanities” organized by the Ministry of Education of Spain. She has finished a Master’s Degree in Art Management and Production (2012). Currently she is a teaching and research staff of the University of Murcia (FPI fellowship from the Fundación Séneca, Science and Technology Agency of the Region of Murcia) while she is completing her PhD dissertation. She has also participated in different research projects of the University of Murcia such as New painting mediums and materials V (MEC Collaboration Grant), Poetics of the reflection: specular movements in the contemporary art (Initiation to Research Grant 2011) and Artistic strategies of video art and other moving images in the cyberculture of the XXI century (Initiation to Research Grant 2013). At the present day, she is a member of the Research Group Prácticas artísticas activas y ciudadanía (UMU). Elena has had the opportunity to participate in different projects, exhibitions and congresses abroad in The United States of America (ISEP Grant 2009), Argentina (ILA Grant 2010) and The United Kingdom (Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts of London).

Some keywords of her research interests are: Net.art, Web 2.0, Mass Communication, Social Media, New Media Art, Cyberculture, Convergence Culture, Postmodernism,Contemporary art, etc.

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