There are no secrets better kept than the secrets everybody guesses. George Bernard Shaw


Little interactive experiment. Instructions:

1- Click on the link above.

2- Click on the screen of “MysecreTweet”.

3- Write a secret.

4- To write a new one you can press the key “delete”.

5- To save an image of your secret you can press the key “*”.

¿Would you dare to share the image of your secret on Twitter?

Certain on-line social networking sites such as Twitter highlight the role of words as an essential constructor of virtual identities. This mass phenomenon is clearly present in a large variety of current debates and has not come without criticism in the art production. With MysecreTweet we would like to make people pause to reflect on the migratory movements from what we considered as “private” to what we currently consider as “the public domain” in a process that the experts have called “extimity” (that means to externalize or to reveal something intimate). These transformations between the “public” and “private” spheres have led to a radical change of the “I” that seems to have lost spontaneity in order to follow a script imposed by what the others do want or do not want to read about us.

This artwork challenges anyone to post a secret on Twitter using the application “MysecreTweet” that deforms our messages to make them unreadable so as to make us think about the nonsense of publishing a secret or any private information through the nonsense of publishing something undecipherable.

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