1. Economic crises throughout history: a review.

2. A history of the Euro crisis. Analysis of ten news-items on the subject.

3. The economic aspects of Brexit: analysis of ten news-items on the subject.

4. The present economic panorama in Spain in the backdrop of the world economy. Reports on the subject: IFM, EU, the press.

5. A review of the economic literature on the crisis, main authors and works in English and Spanish. Remarks on their translations.

6. Highlights of Trump’s economic policy, as compared to Obama’s: analysis of ten news-items.

7. Metaphor in economic language: problems, difficulties and solutions for their translation.

8.Neology in the translation of economic texts English-Spanish. Influences upon economic discourse in Spanish.

9.Economic Translation: a summary. Traps and pitfalls for the economic translator.

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