I studied English Philology and Translation and Interpreting at the Universities of Granada and Murcia (1979-85) and obtained my PhD in Modern Languages (English) in 2001. I started developing my professional activity very early as a translator in the fields of Law and Economics, working for several national and international institutions such as Navantia https://www.navantia.es/, the Spanish Navy and the Egyptian Embassy in Madrid.

I joined the English Philology Department in 1987, and got my tenure in 1989 in the area of English for Business and Economics. I have taught and coordinated numerous Master Courses in Legal, Business and Financial English at ENAE Business School http://www.enae.es/#gref, at the University of Murcia itself, and at the Murcia Chamber of Commerce, among others. I am also a freelance legal and economic translator, with experience in translating academic articles and books in various areas and disciplines, mainly within the legal and economic domain.

I have lectured on Legal and Economic Translation at the Faculty of Humanities as a tenured Professor since the inception of its Translation and Interpreting Department in 2006. I have delivered talks and seminars at other Universities, such as:

Among my publications are articles on the economic and legal discourse and its translation in journals such as Ibérica (2005 and 2010), The European Journal of English Studies (Routledge, 2007), The Journal of Pragmatics (Elsevier-Springer, 2010 and 2016), The International Journal for the Semiotics of Law (Elsevier Springer, 2011, 2016 and 2018), LSP and professional Communication (2008 and 2014), Fachsprache (2015), RAEI (Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses) (2007 and 2016), Hermes (2016), Comares (2017), LLengua I Dret (2017), Quaderns de Filología (2017), the Journal of Intercultural Communication (2017) and RESLA (2018), as examples. I have also published several chapters on the subject of language and translation in Peter Lang, Anthropos and Comares as examples, and written books on the m teaching and research interest: A Crash Course in Business English (1998), English for Overseas Trade (2001), Approach to legal discourse in English (2007), and Legal and Economic English: A Handbook for its Learning and Translation (2010). My latest work is the co-edition (together with Ruth Breeze and Maurizio Gotti) of a volume on power, manipulation and persuasion in specialised genres (Peter Lang, 2018) https://www.amazon.com/Power-Persuasion-Manipulation-Specialised-Genres/dp/3034330103.

My present research revolves around the economic and legal lexicon of the Global Systemic Crisis, the translation of corruption crimes and gender violence, the expression of power and legitimation in legal texts and the translation and interpretation of emotions in legal genres, in the context of the Common Law and Continental traditions.

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