1. The main features of legal translation. What the experts say. Overcoming obstacles. Differences between Legal, Judicial and Sworn Translation.

2. Different classifications of law: civil vs criminal, private vs public, national vs international

3. The EU and legal translation. Bodies, terminological sources.

4. The concept and terminology of criminal law. Crimes/delitos.

5. The concept and terminology of civil law. Liability in two different systems. The phenomenon of tort. Genres in Public Law: legislation, case law, custom, general principles. Their place within the systems.

6. Judicial texts: judgments, writs, warrants.

7. Genres in Private Law: an overview. Their classification in the different systems. Potential translation problems.

8. Contracts: concept and terminology.

9. Powers of attorney: concept and terminology.

10. Wills: concept and terminology. Marriages, divorces, custodies. Concepts and terminology.

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